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A miniature for life

This a work I proposed to Paul Bullock, Poppy's Father. I sculpted and donated this models, representing the girls in some imaginary situation during battle against their illness. I also did and run the entire campaign on Indiegogo: , Emilaino Mancini from Maki games did and donated the first digital print and, after some problem with resin cast, John Boyd from Boyd's toys, did again the digital print and cast in resin.
Models are in 54mm scale (about 28 mm for Poppy and 41 for Annamaria)

Francesco pizzo poppy indiegogo

Poppy is an adorable 4 year old girl from Beaconsfield. She is little and cute, but also combative! Poppy was diagnosed with lung and abdominal cancer. At every surgery and chemio session, Poppy has her little elephant to help her against the enemy.

Francesco pizzo annamaria indiegogo

Annamaria was a young pretty 12 year old girl from London. She was diagnosed with a large cancerous tumour in her chest. Annamaria passed away few months ago, very sad about.